Are you ready for a happy jobless life?

Some people, upon learning that I earn a living without holding a job, said they envy my lifestyle. I believe they only think about the money making part, and have not really known my lifestyle.

One of the great things about leaving the job world is that you get your life back, to create and use as you please. No bosses, no deadlines, no commitments except those you make to yourself and your loved ones. In the morning, if I want to go for a walk, I do that. Often I see people rushing off to work, and I am happy I don't have to get catch in the same jam they do. In the evening, the streets are still filled with rush hour traffic while I sit at home having my dinner.

It surprises many new friends and probably offends a number of them to learn that I don't give away my cellphone number. My day is rarely interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing. Often, SMSes sent to me were only read a few days later, before I forgot to look at my cellphone which I often turn off and throw into the drawer when I got home. I can't let the cellphone interrupt and rule my life. All my correspondences are carried out by email, when I am free to answer at my own time.

Remember this: our time is precious, and it belongs to us. When we took a job, we have given away that time for our company. Now that we got it back, we should use it in the most edifying way, for our own sake. And that may include sitting in the park and watching bamboo grow.

It also surprises some friends that I don't get exciting about new business opportunities. Let me say this: Making money is good, but don't let it consume you. Often you simply have to say no to money-making opportunities, because you couldn't be bother to give away the time. I am mindful of people who show off their big checks they receive, partly in order to get you to join whatever money-making program they are into. I don't recruit people into money-making programs, so how I make money is nobody's business.

What is a happy jobless life?
To me, a happy jobless life is one where you get to do the things you want, and you have your priorities in perspective. Unfortunately many people who make money online are still very materialistic. If you are, you will never ever be satisfied with what you have.

Things (and people) that will consume your time, will do just that, if you allow them to. Many such things don't really matter for a happy jobless life. Remember that when you cast aside the job-holding life, you are assuming the role as the boss of your own life. And as your own boss, you must get your priorities right: health, happiness, family, should rank more highly than making money. You should always consciously remind yourself, what is a happy jobless life, and work your way to either achieving it or maintaining it.

I have been happily jobless for five years now. Every day is filled doing things I enjoy doing. I wouldn't want to live any other way. Much of the time is spent writing my websites - I never get tired of doing that, and I never run out of things to write. I write with passion. It thrills me to get my articles completed. That's the type of life I want for myself. But what about you, are you ready for a happy jobless life?

Thank you for visiting my website, Happy Jobless Guy. I create it in November, 2007, two weeks after I left my job in the corporate sector. It is to celebrate the alternative lifestyle that I have embrace. I told myself back then, that as long as I am able to continue supporting myself, I will never return to holding a job. Well, so many years later, thanks be to God and my family, I am still happily living this alternative lifestyle.

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