Should you write a Blog or a Website?

Should you write a blog or a website? Every now and then, people ask me that question. Let's examine the characteristics of both to help you determine which is right for you.

Blogging is certainly taking the world by storm. Many bloggers have created high profiles for themselves. I read in newspaper where people brag that they are a blogger.

What's a blogger anyway? He's just someone who posts articles on the web. The blog posts are usually arranged in reverse-chronological order, that is to say, the latest articles are placed at the top, and sorted down.

Blogs are excellent for delivering latest updates. That is why it works well for some companies that want to get their customers abreast with their latest product releases. Blogs on celebrities keep the fans updated on what their idols are doing.

Some advantages of blogs:
  1. There are lots of plug-ins that you can use.
  2. You don't need much knowledge of HTML
The nature of blogs, with their content arranged in reverse-chronological order, can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. People who care for the latest updates will find the blog format useful.

Some disadvantages of blogs:
  1. The reverse-chronological order
  2. The need to update regularly
Blogs are less useful if you are writing on topics to explain something in detail. The reverse-chronological order may work against your content, unless you are able to sequence your postings chronologically.

If your desire is to be a Happy Jobless Guy, a person who earns an income on auto pilot, I would recommend that you consider writing theme-based websites rather than blog. The structure of websites, with their clearly defined chapters, allows you to complete a whole website and move on to the next. That website will then be working on auto pilot to earn you money. Focus on writing good quality content, and it will continue to earn for you years into the future.

A blog, on the other hand, will require you to update it regularly. If you stop updating for an extended period, your followers may stop coming. To be, maintaining a blog is like feeding an ever-hungry dragon. Once you stop feeding it, it consumes you.

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