Google Adsense is not a good way to make money online

I am writing this article for the benefit of people who are just starting out in their journey to make money online. Although this may sound surprising, considering there are Adsense ad units on my websites, I need to tell you this: Google Adsense is not a good way to make money online.

Yes, in the past I have made a lot of money with Adsense, and I continue to do so today. It is fine to get an Adsense account and start placing Adsense units on your websites. However it is not a good idea to depend too much on Adsense. I would definitely advise you against using Adsense as your sole online income stream.

There are many reasons for me to consider Adsense as an unreliable source of income. I have had Adsense on my websites since 2005. I have seen my earnings going up and down. In early 2011, my websites were badly affected by the Google algorithm update called Google Panda. Overnight I saw my traffic dwindle. The Panda update is supposed to target "spammy" websites, but many innocent websites producing original content have suffered the collateral damage from Panda's machine gun.

Since then, I learned that quite a number of good websites have been hit, first by Panda and in 2012 by Penguin. Those furry animals are what Google call its algorithm updates. I managed to escape the Penguin attack, but totally commiserate with those who got hit. And I believe them when they say they don't know what hit them, and why.

When I started earning online, I thought that if I can target high-paying keywords, I would earn more. It doesn't always work that way, as I discovered. Even though you may research a high-paying keyword and write an article to target it, there is no guarantee that Adsense will give you a relevant, targeted ad. Quite often, you simply receive a run-of-the-mill ad that appears on almost every page of your website. Just visit any website, go to their different pages and observe the Adsense ads placed there. You will see the same ad appearing again and again regardless what the topic is about. Why is that so?

There simply aren't any matching ads. So instead you get the best that Google has in its inventory, and the best is often wanting. It is neither the most targetive nor is it the high-paying ad that you expected. As a result, you are unlikely to get good click-through rate from that page. It's not your fault, of course, but it's an example of how little control you have over the ads appearing on your page, if you rely on Adsense.

How much you earn from Adsense depend not only on the quality and size of your website, but also the quality of the ads and how much the advertisers are paying. Of course if you write poorly, you are not going to attract much traffic. If your website is small with only very few pages, you cannot expect much traffic to reach it (especially you you don't promote). But even if you have a big website with good, original content, there is still no guarantee that you will receive high-paying ads. If there are no advertisers paying big money, there won't be any high-paying ads, and neither you nor Google can do anything about it.

Quality of ads matters, and again it's something outside your control. I often see very mediocre Adsense ads appearing on my websites. I wouldn't be interested in them if I were a visitor to my website, so how would I expect a genuine visitor to click those ads? And why aren't Google giving me the good quality ads? Because there aren't any!

But the main reason why Google Adsense is not a good way to make money online is, Adsense has a notorious reputation of banning account holders. All it needs to do is to send you a form letter, telling you that your website has been generating invalid clicks, and that the site is not going to benefit their advertisers. Hence, they are withholding the payment you have earned, and returning it to their advertisers. Many people, including those who have built a very high income with Adsense, have received this dratted email, and there is little they can do to persuade Adsense that they are innocent. Why would you depend on such a risky way of earning a living? That's worse that holding a job!

With so much turbulence in the online world, how does a person survive it? My advice to you, if you want to earn like me is never to rely solely on Google Adsense. By all means, have it on your website to collect "pocket money", but diversify.

The best way to diversify is to find Affiliate Programs that are relevant to your website. These are companies with good products to sell. What you write in your website is relevant to what they sell. A good place to look for them is at AssociatePrograms. That's where you can find programs that allows you to earn a more stable income.

Earlier on this article, I mentioned the Google algorithm updates called Panda and Penguin. My expectation of you is that you will only create original, good-quality content. Having said that, and having seen the victims of previous algorithm updates, I must warn you that there is no guarantee that Google's algorithm updates won't affect you. You must protect yourself by not relying too much on organic traffic sent by Google. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to build a following. You could also add Google's own Google+ to the mix. There's no harm in having more than one.

My final advise to people new to earning online: every business has risk attached to it, whether online or off. To survive and prosper, we have to stay on top of our business.

Should you learn to earn online?

Having read what I mentioned above, you may be wondering whether it is worth the while to learn the skills to earn online. In my opinion, skills are assets which benefit us, even if we don't use them every day. Isn't it an advantage to know how to drive, how to swim, how to type? Similarly, earning online should also be viewed that way. To me it's such a blessing that I am able to rely on it. I see people spend so much time on their blogs and Facebook, and they earn nothing out of it. If only they know how to profit from their passion!

The best platform for learning the skills of online business is through SBI. If you are serious about this online earning business, consider it an investment in your own future.

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