How I earn a living online

As one of the few people who is lucky enough to earn a living online, I want to show you that it is entirely possible. However, I am not the type to flash Adsense checks to convince you. I never show people how much I earn, partly because I am not trying to sign you up to any money-making programs. I am just giving advice and tips that I hope will help you towards a happy jobless life. I hope that you will find me to be the "real thing", and that my advice will help you earn an income online.

To start off, let me tell you that the bulk of my income comes from my travel websites. I have many travel sites. To link them all together, I create a umbrella site, called My World Travel Guides. If you pay it a visit, you will see that my websites have a total of over 10,000 individual pages.

99% of the pages were written by me personally. Unfortunately, not 100%. It's a mistake I made which I must share with you. A few years ago, I got lazy and copied some content directly from Wikipedia (providing the necessary link-backs and licensing, of course), but I learn that turned out to be a big mistake. Articles that are not original don't get good traffic, because it is impossible to outrank the article already appearing in Wikipedia or elsewhere. Since then, I never copy directly from Wikipedia again. I do use it as well as other websites and books as reference material, but now I write in my own words. As a result, my traffic has maintained and improved.

I spent a lot of time making sure that my websites are easy to read and relatively fast to load. Being travel sites, they usually have a number of photos on each page. It's something which I cannot avoid. I gather without these photos, the pages may have loaded even faster, but I regard the difference as negligible. The photos give the readers to my site a better reading experience, and pictures are certainly worth a thousand words.

I don't overwhelm my website with advertisement. The amount of real estate devoted to actual content must always be more than that devoted to ads. That way, readers don't feel that I am only interested to show them ads. Ads have to be relevant, otherwise they are unlikely to appeal to the visitors to my sites. I find that my ads for hotels earn me quite good money, as they are usually related to the places I describe.

I have been writing my websites since 2003. I have made many mistakes along the way, corrected them and continue to improve my websites. I have never depended on any get-rich-quick scheme, and today, I don't have to. My websites are now so huge, they continue to generate an income for me even if I leave them to go on vacation. However, you can see for yourself that I took a lot of time to write them.

Today I count myself as one of the few people who can genuinely declare that I earn a full time income from my travel websites. I don't know of any friends who have done the same thing as me. There aren't that many people, I believe, who have a website as big as mine, all written by just one person. I certainly am happy that I put in the effort to build my sites. The effort has totally paid off.

Thank you for visiting my website, Happy Jobless Guy. I create it in November, 2007, two weeks after I left my job in the corporate sector. It is to celebrate the alternative lifestyle that I have embrace. I told myself back then, that as long as I am able to continue supporting myself, I will never return to holding a job. Well, so many years later, thanks be to God and my family, I am still happily living this alternative lifestyle.

My name is , you can call me Tim. I am a full-time website author. My main website is called Penang Travel Tips. I created it to satisfy my curiosity about places and sights around me, and it has grown to become my main income earner. To know more about me, go to

As a Christian, I hope that through this website, I am able to deliver God's Good News to people all over the world. And finally, if you wish to contact me, please submit the contact form. Thanks again, don't forget to follow me on Facebook!

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