How to build a profit-making website

Today we arrive at a very exciting topic: How To Build A Profit-Making Website. At the end of this 2-part session (by tomorrow), you will have learned the necessary to start earning from the web.

If you have been following this series for the past two weeks, you would have learned the first few steps in the journey towards earning a living without holding a job. Let's recap: I have taught you to differentiate between passive income and earned income, using the fishing rod and fish trap analogy. I have also give you step-by-step the essential tools how you can go about creating your own website, explaining HTML Editor, HTML Codes, Domain Name, Web Hosting and FTP Software. If you have taken what I have taught you, proceeded to get the tools, and have now gotten a website of your own set up, you are edging towards the goal, and we can now look at how we can profit from the website.

If, on the other hand, you have read everything I taught you, and all you have done so far is sit on the information, then all that will happen to the information - apart from warming your butt - will be theoretical. You will have a side income or more, theoretically. You will be so successful, theoretically, that you can quit your job, theoretically, join one of my exotic trips, theoretically, have great time wity us, theoretically, and claim you're earning a living without holding a job, theoretically. You'd better get back to your job before your boss makes it theoretical too.

Things don't happen in theory. To turn it into reality, you have to take action. There will be mistakes to be made and lessons to be learnt, but you will grow with every experience you encounter on your journey towards earning an income without a job. But I can assure you, if you apply what is taught and succeed in it, the victory is yours to own. Nobody can claim your success but yourself. In the democratic world of the Internet, there is no upline or downline, and it's a business where you're really your own boss.

Now let's get on with the business.

As you know, building a website is not enough. It's just the first step. You want it to make a profit, and that's what today's topic is about. As I reached this topic though, I am confronted with a chicken-and-egg situation: if you're teaching people to handle a gun, what do you teach them first: to aim or to shoot? Learning one without the other defeats the purpose. I decided - ruthlessly perhaps - that I'll teach you to shoot, and in the subsequent topic teach you to aim. Why? Because, quite honestly, it's a lot more fun.

"How to shoot", metaphorically, means how to make your website earn money. As for "how to aim", that's about how to improve your website to optimise its profit potential. Sounds simple? Okay, let's continue.

Here are some of the ways you can make your website earn money:

  1. You can sell your own products and services
  2. You can sell other people's products and services
  3. You can advertise other people's products and services
Of the many, many ways you can make your website earn money (and we will go through some of them in subsequent chapters as your secondary web income), today I am going to touch on only one: how to advertise other people's products and services on your website.

If you are starting out on building websites and have no intention of creating products or services to sell, the best and easiest way to profit from your website is through advertisement. That's because you can earn money while pursuing your own passion. Like myself, I love travelling and love to write about tourist attractions all over the world. So I benefit by having advertisements related to my topic appearing on my website.

Payment Schemes for Advertisements

If you place advertisements on your website, there are three ways to earn:

  1. Pay Per Impression (CPM)
    Advertisers engaged in CPM pays you according to the number of times their advertisement is displayed on your website. CPM stands for cost per mille, a term borrowed from the printing industry where advertising is calculated per thousand copies. In the case of websites, each loading of your web page containing the ad is considered an impression. The amount you earn is calculated based on the number of thousand of impressions. $3 CPM means you get paid $3 for every one thousand impressions. Not a lot, but at least you make money as soon as visitors come to your website.
  2. Pay Per Click (PPC)
    Advertisers engaged in PPC pays you each time someone clicks on their advertisement that appear on your website. In general, this pays better than CPM. Generally, websites that get a lot of traffic gets a higher click rate than websites is low traffic.
  3. Pay Per Sale or Lead
    Advertisers engaged in Pay Per Sale pays you each time someone who clicks their advertisement proceed to buy their product or sign up to their service. The amount paid is usually highest, however, to optimize on your earning here, you need to choose the advertisers carefully, to ensure that only the most relevant advertisers appear on your site.
In the second part of this session, we will learn to use the biggest and most mainstream of those ad-serving opportunities: Google AdSense. We will find out how it works, and why, if you ever contemplate earning from the web, you should never ignore Google AdSense.

Now click on How To Use Google AdSense.

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