How to use Google AdSense

Today we continue the 2nd portion of "How to Build a Profit-Making Website" with a very interesting topic: How to Use Google AdSense.

Now, unless you have just crawled out of a hole somewhere, or you've never used the Internet, you would have heard of (and more than likely, used) Google. The majority of us use it for its Search Engine. Do you know, today more than half of all searches conducted on the Internet are done through that bizarrely simple-looking homepage of Yep. But as much as looks can be deceiving, so too that simple looking Google homepage, which actually is a front for one of the most sophisticated technology on the web.

To profit from the Internet, we need to harness the sophistication of Google for our own benefit. If you're a web publisher - that's to say, someone with a website, your opportunity comes in the form of Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the ad serving program run by Google. It places text, image and some times video advertisements on websites that enrol to it. You are paid when someone clicks on the ads appearing on your webpage.

How does Google AdSense work

How does it work? Google AdSense uses a web crawler program called Mediabot to analyse the content of your webpage, to determine the most contextually relevant advertisement for it.

Where do the advertisements come from? On the reverse side of AdSense is Google's advertising tool called AdWords. Businesses wanting to advertise through Google enrols to AdWords. Their advertisements appear in two places: as "Ads by Google" in websites participating in AdSense, and as "sponsored links" on Google's search results.

As a website owner, you are more interested in "Ads by Google" displayed on your website, because it generates money for you every time someone clicks on it. Those who are serious about earning from the web often work hard to maximise their AdSense income, and we'll look into that. There is also other programs similar to AdSense, but if you can get AdSense, the other programs are all secondary.

Let's straight away enrol into AdSense, so that you can start putting the ads on your website. I am assuming here that you do have a website to enrol, otherwise go through the earlier chapters to read about how you can go about setting one up.

You step-by-step Guide to Enrolling to Google AdSense

Now let's get on with the business.

Step 1: Go to and click on Advertising Programs

That takes you to the page showing Google's flagship programs, AdWords and AdSense.

Step 2: Click on Google AdSense.

That takes you to the Google AdSense mainpage.

Step 3: Click on Sign up now.

Step 4: Complete the sign-up form according to instructions provided by Google.

I will leave you to set up the account and submit the application. Google will evaluate your website to determine whether or not they are willing to enrol you. You will receive a notification from Google after a few days of submitting your application, informing you whether or not Google has approved or rejected your application. Yes, Google has every right of course to reject your application, if they find that the website you show them is not suitable for their ads.

Assuming that after submitting your application, you received the happy news that Google accepted your application, then you're in. The bad news is, now the real work has just begun!

As you probably expect by now, putting up a website and throwing advertisements into it is just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, you now have a profit-making website, but if you leave it as it is, the amount of profit you make is going to be minuscule.

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