Quotes of the Happy Jobless Guy


Quotes of the Happy Jobless Guy are motivational quotes to help you reexamine your priority in life and work towards a happy and purposeful life. Often our vision of happiness is clouded by too many seemingly important things in life, but when we really examine them, we realize that true priorities are few.

There are many otherwise wealthy people in this world who are miserable due to the direction they find themselves heading. If you happen to be one of them, my hope is that this website will help you move away from your old self. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to discard the old and start with a new. It is you who decide how you want the rest of your life to be.

Please feel free to download and use on Facebook or anywhere else any of the quotes below. All quotes are original. Any similarity to quotes found elsewhere is coincidental, unconsciously reflected or based.

Follow Your Heart

Begin each day with a decision to be happy

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