Right way to earn from the Web


The Right Way from the Start

If you ever want to earn from the web, you have to do it the right way. Let me tell you one thing: you do not want to repeat some of the mistake I've made when I started my website AsiaExplorers four years ago. It is very important to get it right from the very beginning, because mistakes are costly and difficult to un-do. By getting it right from the beginning, you increase your potential to earn money from the web, making the goal of earning a living without holding a job all the more attainable.

As we enter the second chapter of our Guide to Earning an Income without Holding a Job, I urge you to go through every lesson carefully. I spend much time researching to find you the best information. Do not skip any chapter, re-read those you don't fully understand. You will be thankful that you did. All advice I am providing to you is free; there is no section where you will find me asking you to pay me money.

Fishing Rods and Fish Traps

In this chapter, we learn about earned income and passive income. There is a popular saying, "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you give him a fishing rod, you feed him for a lifetime." Although that saying has some philosophical wisdom to it, today I am going to show you the disadvantage of giving the man a fishing rod.

If you give the man a fishing rod, for as long as the man wants to be fed, the man has to fish. If he stops fishing, he starts getting hungry again. What if one day the man is unable to fish anymore. What if he is too old to fish or to weak to fish? How then will he be able to feed himself? He won't. For that reason, if we want to ensure the man will never be hungry again, we need to give him something better than a fishing rod. What we need to do, is to teach the man how to make fish traps.

Fish traps are contraptions you place in the river or sea. Due to flowing current, fish swim into the trap and are unable to get out again. By building a proper fish trap, you are assured of an abundant supply of fish, continuously. The superiority of the fish trap over the fishing rod is that, once properly built, the man does not have to watch it the whole time. Sure, he has to maintain the fish trap, but it beats having to fish to feed himself all the rest of his life. He can go about doing other stuff, coming back once in a while to collect his meal and occasionally to mend the trap. Now, isn't that much better than having to wait for the fish the whole time?

In the same way, that is how we should approach earning an income from the web. The first thing to be mindful about is, is our website a fishing rod or a fish trap? I mean, do we have to watch our website for it to earn us money, or can it go into auto-pilot and earn the money for us? If it stops earning money the moment we let go of it, then it is definitely a fishing rod. If it continues to generate an income for us, even when we're not looking at it, even when we're out playing, eating, sleeping, it is a fish trap.

The right way to earn an income from the web is to always ensure that your website is a fish trap and not a fishing rod. The fish trap here is the analogy for passive income while the fishing rod is the earned income.

Now that I don't hold a job, I have numerous options available: I can be a tour guide, I can sell tours, I can be a newspaper columnist, I can be a wedding photographer, I can build websites for people - many of you who have known me in person will know that I can do all that. But can you see that every one of these are fishing rod occupations? A tour guide who stops guiding stops earning from guiding. A newspaper columnist who stops writing articles stops receiving cheques from the newspaper. If I put a tour on the web, I need to provide support to people who book my tours. If I stop doing that, I stop earning from tours. For that reason, I only create tours for my own pleasure, and not because I need to earn a living from it. And while I may do a little bit of all the aforementioned activities, I'll do them for fun, not for work.

Fishing rod activities also consume our time and energy: how many newspaper columns can I write, emails can I respond to, weddings can I photograph? The activity itself limits the amount that I can earn from it. Look at your own job: are you holding on to a fishing rod occupation? If you decide to stop working, will the company continue to pay you month after month?

I am not asking you to quit. Rather, I am telling you that the opportunity to create your own fish trap is available to all who wants to learn. Make sure you have a properly working fish trap before you say bye bye to your boss.

But first, you need to be able to differentiate a fishing rod activity from a fish trap activity. Some times, the same activity can be a fishing rod or a fish trap. If I write an article and give it to the newspaper, and the newspaper pays $100 for it, it's a fishing rod. If I write an article and put it on the web, and the article earns me $1 every day, it's a fish trap. A year from now, that article will still be earning me $1 per day and probably more. If I repeat the process, write an article a day, in a year's time, I will have 365 articles, earning me $365 a day, whether or not I write another.

If you're working for someone, your job is a fishing rod, his business is a fish trap. You have to continue working in order to earn the salary. The owner of the business, on the other hand, can leave you to run the business, while he enjoys himself with his family, go play golf, travel, etc. If you don't do a good enough job, he replaces you. Of course, some businesses require the owner himself to be hands-on the whole time. In a similar way, some fish traps require more maintenance than others. That's not the type of fish traps we want to create, let alone own.

To be smart and successful, we want to create one that requires minimal maintenance. Then will we have time to enjoy ourselves, to travel, to dine, to buy all the things that make us happy, to do all the things that we can do because we have the time to do them, for we don't hold jobs.

Look at all the jobs out there, and identify whether they are fishing rods or fish traps. Stay away from the fishing rod occupations and gravitate towards the fish traps. The best fish traps are those that require minimal maintenance and little capital. For me, it's in the form of a profit-making website.

Now let's go to the next chapter, Essential Tools to Build a Great Website. Many new chapters are presently under development. It's all written to guide you on the journey of earning an income without holding a job.

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