Secret to Wealth: What's Luck Gotta Do With It?

Is there a relationship between luck and wealth? Among those who have not reached the stage to call themselves wealthy, there is a tendency to blame it on lack of good fortune. That the stars do not shine on us, that the smoke does not blow our way. If we examine the life of many people who went from rags to riches, we would not that, while luck strikes at random at different parts of a person's life, it is those who consistently apply themselves that eventually become rich.

As someone who has reached the stage that I can call myself free of commitments, and to a certain extend, well to do, I believe our wealth is determine by the following, which each of us can gain for ourselves:

Knowledge leads to wealth. I earn a large portion of my income from the web. This would not be possible if I do not take the trouble to learn how the web works. From the skills required in building my website to knowledge of how to position relevant advertisements on the page, these are wealth-building knowledge that comes from learning and applying what I learn.

It is very unlikely that I would be successful online if I approach it with a refusal to learn anything, expecting that the web would just throw money my way. A lot of times, people who have become successful online make it sound so easy, so effortless. But the truth is, there's more than meets the eye. Behind every successful web story is a history of learnings, of trials and errors, of experimentations with different formats, ads, etc.

Hard work
Knowledge alone is insufficient to take us all the way to wealth, if we lack the stamina to get ourselves there. From my own web experience, I can say the journey is so long, I can't see my destination when I get started. When I started writing my websites to earn an income, I do have an expectation that eventually I will earn more and more from it. But it's hard to pin down exactly when that would happen.

A lot of external factors are thrown my way that often derails me. There has been instances when my web income reaches a new ceiling, just to drop again because Google changes its algorithm. However, the only certainty I am able to see is that as long as I continue to apply myself, over time, the number of pages that I have written will continue to grow, and that in turn leads to higher earnings.

Recognizing Opportunities
Being able to recognize opportunities is a gift, but one that can be learned. Often, people mistaken this for luck, but the truth is, some people are better able to recognize opportunities than others. They are able to see a "want" and act immediately to fulfill it. As a result, they reap the benefit. Wealth is often the result of seizing opportunities.

Unfortunately, with regards seizing opportunities, often the reverse takes place. Instead of recognizing opportunities, some act on ideas that are flawed and faulty, mistaking them for opportunities. Instead of making wealth, they end up in debt.

Opportunities is often the fulfillment of a want. If we can recognize that want and act to fulfill it, we can then put a price tag and profit margin on the act of fulfillment. In rare occasions, we can actually create the want, if we are sufficiently farsighted that this want may improve on people's lives.

People like the late Steve Jobs has been recognized for his brillance in recognizing people's wants, even before they realize those wants. He sets about creating products that fulfill those wants and then telling people that is exactly want they need. Through good marketing, he establishes his products as the most hip, most cutting edge. And in so doing, create the want.

What's luck gotta do with becoming wealthy? Quite often, very little. It is the combination of knowledge, hardwork and the ability to recognize opportunities that lead to wealth.

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