You've been told a big fat lie!

I write this article because of the outrage I felt at being told a big fat lie. Unfortunately, all of us have. It's a lie that has been repeated again and again, by so many different people, under so many different instances, that over time, we began to believe it to be true. It's the lie about why people get fat.

Do you know that one in three Americans today is obese? Despite all the advise to lose weight, we simply get fatter and fatter.

Obesity is reaching massive proportion all over the worldObesity is reaching massive proportion all over the world
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If you're one of those fighting to lose weight, you're not alone. For the past ten years, it was a losing battle for me. It was not until last month (May 2012), that I finally learned the truth. And as they say, the truth shall set you free. It freed me from the web of the big fat lie.

I am writing this message to un-do the web of lies surrounding how people get fat. If you are like me, I hope this message will help guide you to the right path, the one that leads to a leaner, fitter you.

I am an adult in my forties. In the past ten years, I have noticed my weight going up steadily year after year. From the mainstream literature on weight and fitness, I learned that this is due to my metabolic rate going down. To prevent myself from gaining more weight, I had to eat less and exercise more. Not only that, I have to watch what I eat, particularly, I have to stay away from fatty foods, and eat more carbohydrates.

I thought I have very good self control. I tried my best to keep away from fatty foods. I tried to eat more carbohydrates. There was a time when I woke up at 5:00 am in the morning so that I could reach the gym, exercise quickly, then head off to work. I learned that I should eat many small meals. From three meals a day, I increased it to five meals a day.

Despite all I did, every year my weight continued to increase. I tried to exercise more, but there is simply no time to do that.

When we keep putting on weight, we usually tend to blame ourselves. Perhaps we haven't had any self control. Perhaps we are not trying hard enough. Perhaps we are still eating too much and exercising too little. Perhaps we simply don't care.

Don't care? Of course we do care! I do not want the weight issue to turn into a health issue. I am aware of all the ailments associated with being obese, from diabetes to heart disease to stroke and more. And on top of it all, I hate to look at myself in the mirror, and see that I am losing my appearance.

Talking about appearances, if you are gaining weight, do you notice that you don't gain weight evenly? I mean, as a man, I notice that I tend to accumulate the most fat in my belly. I get what is commonly called the beer belly, even though I do not even drink beer. I also noticed women my age tend to accumulate fat below the weight, around their buttocks and thighs.

You don't need to drink beer to get beer bellyYou don't need to drink beer to get beer belly
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If it were true that we gain weight because we ate too much, we would have accumulate fat all over, not just in specific locations such as the belly or the thighs. Yet it is not uncommon to see men with small biceps and big bellys, or women with small waist and big buttocks.

It was only last month that I learned the truth about how we accumulate fat. It has nothing to do with eating too much. It has nothing to do with exercising too little. Rather, it has everything to do with eating too much carbohydrate instead of eating more fat and protein.

Carbohydrate, the very substance you're eating in your attempt to lose weight, is the one that does you in. If you think you are doing fine if you consume only complex carbohydrate, so did I. I had oatmeal twice a day, and it didn't help me much. Yes, I did lose a bit of weight for a while, but not enough to regain my body composition.

If may be hard to believe, but if you stay away from carbohydrates, you can eat as much fat and protein as you wish - until you are full, and you still will not gain weight. If you're overweight, eating only fat and protein will instead help you lose weight.

If you think I'm the one who's telling you a big fat lie, I suppose you just have to try it yourself and find out. I am going to provide you a basic recommendation, but before I go any further, I would also recommend that you check out some of the books I read from which I derived this information. I am not a doctor, I am only sharing with you that worked for me, based on what I've been through. Although I am providing you a rough recommendation below, what you should do, if you are overweight, is to read up the books I recommend. Find out exactly why you should embark on such a diet. As you can see below, it's not the word of a single doctor, but rather the opinion of quite a number of people who have done much studies into the subject of why people put on weight.

I learned that, in order to lose weight, I need to focus my diet on consuming mostly fats and protein. I could eat as many eggs and as much fish, prawns, pork, beef, mutton, chicken, and other meats as I desire. It is perfectly fine for me to eat the fatty parts of meat (something which until I learned of this diet, I've been avoiding). I am allowed to use olive oil, butter and lard to prepare your meals, while I should stay away from margarine. For the first two weeks at least, I should limit the amount of carbohydrates I consume to 30g per day, and get most of my carbohydrate from green, leafy vegetables. I have to absolutely stay away from potatoes, pasta, rice, noodles, starchy vegetables and sweet fruits. I have to stay away from sweets, soda, beer, ice cream, cookies and any other form of sweetened beverage, snack and dessert.

As I embarked on this diet, I discovered that it is easier for me to follow that I had expected. Consuming meat helps me feel full, and helped me keep away from the carbohydrates. I also noticed that I was losing weight, particularly the fat that accumulated in my belly.

After the first two weeks of this diet, I allowed myself a "cheat day", when I eat anything I want, including all the ice cream and sweets that I have deprived myself. To my surprise, I found that I do not miss them as much as I have expected I would. Somehow seeing myself losing the weight and regaining my body composition was worth all the effort, and I couldn't wait for my cheat day to end, so that I was back on my meat-eating diet.

Oh by the way, at the start of my diet, I was also having a rather high blood pressure. That too have gone down to a healthy level, something I would not have expected from a meat-eating diet. Throughout this diet, I read the books which I recommend to you almost religiously. I found out why the mainstream advise about losing weight was all wrong, and I couldn't help feeling outraged that so many people are being deceived for so long. There is so much to tell you, but it would require a book - or books - to properly explain the whole thing. I am glad that there are people who have done the research and I thank them immensely for bringing me back to the right path.

If you are like me, if you have been trying fruitlessly to lose weight, if you've been watching how much you eat and attempting to exercise as much as time permits, and yet not seeing much result, do yourself a favor and shift your paradigm about weight loss. It changed me. It could change you too.

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